Business virtual numbers

Get a local or toll-free number for your business.

No hardware to install

Keep your existing phone and number

Don’t be the only one to answer

Allow your customers to talk to the right person with the call processing service.

Receive calls and texts
on your virtual number

As if you had a second cellphone!

When someone call your virtual number, the call is forwarded to your cellphone

Adding a virtual number to your phone is easy

No hardware or software to install. Here is how it works:

1. Get your number

Get phone numbers in any of the
following countries1:
Countries list

For regional numbers2, you can
specify the region/city.

2. Specify destination

We can redirect your calls on any US or Canadian phone numbers3.

Type your phone number

You will be able to change this number later.

3. Start talking!

Activate your new phone number.

You can start receiving calls!

1. Note that certain countries can bring some specificities. (E.g. Germany will ask you for a local email to get a German phone number)
2. A national (Toll-free) number, is a number your callers can dial at no charge.
3. Calls can be redirected to desk phones as well as mobile devices, with or without extensions.

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