No credit allowance(s)/refund(s) will be issued, whatsoever, for any of the following, including but not limited to: non-usage, interruption of service, hung call(s), misdialed call(s), or any other activity, which increases your call volume and/or account usage.

If you request a refund and/or a refund is granted to you by Ubigo, funds will be refunded only to the same organization or person as named on the account. Refunds will be made only using the same form of payment that has been used on the account.

If you experience any type of quality problems with our service, please contact our support If we cannot resolve your problem we will cancel the number and refund the set-up charge and monthly charge and any unused funds in your Ubigo prepaid account. Call charges are not refunded.

In any case of refunds, Ubigo will issue a refund of the UNUSED portion of your Ubigo account balance less any monthly dues and/or fees and other charges. All refunds must be processed through and not by contacting your credit card company.

If you do not agree with a charge(s) to your account and/or credit card, you then must notify us in writing at within thirty (30) days after the billing date, and provide the appropriate documentation in support of your claim. Should you fail to do so, you may no longer contest any item of the invoice at a later date, and the terms of the invoice will be deemed accurate. The uncontested portion of the invoice and the subsequent invoices shall be paid by you. Should find that the billing adjustment/refund request is warranted, will issue a credit to your Ubigo account within thirty (30) days of said decision.