Ubigo’s virtual numbers
are packed with useful features

Call forwarding

Manage multiple numbers on one phone!


Configure your Ubigo voicemail and receive messages by email!

Call filtering

Accept the call or direct it to your Ubigo voicemail, instead of your mobile voicemail.

Call recording

Keep track of your conversations and listen them afterwards.

Call Processing

Configure a menu and guide your callers to the proper destination. See details.

Call tracking

Trace the calls you make and receive.

Get business-level services without the high cost & complexity.

Ubigo’s virtual numbers follow you wherever you are in Canada or the US. Having a business number doesn’t mean you have to buy another phone: everything can be forwarded and managed on your mobile.

In addition to call forwarding, business features can be added to your Ubigo account that will help your phone system work quickly and reliably, whether you’re in an office or on-the-go mode. Everything here has been thought out to make your business run smoothly.

Upcoming features

  • Multi-user account
  • Blacklisting
  • In-browser SMS
  • International SMS

Always at hand on your mobile phone with Ubigo app


Available on iPhone and Android!

Outgoing calls

Make calls and choose what number to display.


Send and receive text messages.

Sleep mode

Quick shortcuts to Sleep your virtual numbers.