When you buy a phone number with us, you will be charged upon the following:
Setup fee, Monthly fee and Per-minute fee


Setup Fee

$500per number
  • The Setup fee is charged to you once. It represents the activation cost for your number.

Monthly Fee

$250for local numbers* (for US and CAN)
  • The Monthly fee is the recurring fee you pay each month to keep using your number.

Per-minute fee

$0015per minute (for US and CAN)
  • The Per-minute fee is what you pay when you receive calls on your number. The price may vary outside of United States and Canada.

*$ 3.00 for toll-free numbers

*$ 0,025 / min for toll-free numbers.



$300per number
  • This monthly fee includes a voicemail, messages received by email, call filtering and custom greeting messages as well as pre-recorded ones for English and French.


$750per number
  • This monthly fee allows to send and receive unlimited text messages by the mobile application Ubigo. Please note that the MMS protocol is not supported yet. ONLY AVAILABLE IN NORTH AMERICA.

Call Recording

$750per number
  • This monthly fee allows you to record all of your conversations (incoming and outgoing) and archives them for a period of 30 days. You can then recover, listen to and download your conversations from the Ubigo portal.

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