Getting Started

What is Ubigo and how can this service benefit me?

With the Ubigo service, you can get a business phone number in a matter of minutes and then direct your calls to your mobile phone according to the parameters you set. This service is ideal for business people who seek to better handle their professional

What do I need to use Ubigo?

You will need four things: A mobile phone on which you will receive an SMS to confirm your registration; A destination number that can either be a mobile phone (same or different one), a landline or even a phone with an extension; A valid credit

Can I transfer my current phone number with Ubigo?

Absolutely! Whether it’s your current business number or even your cell phone number, you can transfer it to Ubigo. Some conditions apply, but usually Ubigo is able to transfer your North American numbers in just a few days.  Here is the procedure to transfer your

Can I try Ubigo for free?

Of course! Simply go to the “Register Free” section and fill in the required fields to try our service for free for 10 days.  No credit card is required to try out Ubigo.

What is Ubity?

Ubity is a privately held Canadian business and a leader in the telecommunications field. It has existed for more than ten years and processes more than three million calls a month. Ubity has used its state-of- the-art technology to develop Ubigo, a product that offers

What is the Ubigo mobile application for?

The Ubigo mobile application is the perfect tool to make business calls from your mobile phone; it preserves your professional image by presenting your business number to your interlocutor instead of your personal number. This app is easy to install and can be downloaded from