Call processing

Can I personalize my greeting messages?

Absolutely. You can customize messages for your voice menu, your voicemails, and also add audio introducing menu options. Audio files could be recorded directly from our portal, using your computer’s microphone, or could be uploaded if you have already recorded them.

Is it possible to configure a multi-level menu?

Unfortunately, the Ubigo voice menu doesn’t allow more than one level. Which means that each menu option has to link to a call forward, a voicemail and/or an audio file, but cannot link to another menu. To access multi-level menus, you need to refer to

Is my Ubigo number able to reach many people?

It is one of the purposes of the call processing. Our system allows the caller to select from the menu options the specific destination and then reach the proper member of your team. For instance, a caller could choose to type “101” to be redirected