Mobile app

Must I create a special password for the app?

Of course not! Your email and password to access your account via the mobile app are the same as the ones you use to access your online account through a web browser. If you change your password on the platform, it will be modified for

Are my call minutes tracked when I use the Ubigo mobile app?

Yes! Though the calls go through the telephone network, the calls made using the mobile app pass through Ubigo servers throughout the entire communication. This link is essential to ensure the service’s proper functioning and enables features, such as call recording and call statistics, to

Can I save money using the Ubigo mobile app?

Absolutely! Though the service’s main purpose is to preserve the confidentiality of your personal number, the service also allows you to make international calls at far better rates than those offered by your mobile phone service provider.

What is the purpose of the Ubigo mobile app?

The Ubigo mobile app allows you to make calls from your mobile phone, but instead of displaying your mobile phone number to your contact person, it will present your Ubigo number. This way, you preserve the confidentiality of your personal number by displaying the professional

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